Friday, May 05, 2006

Today...and Yesterday

So, at 9:55 am this morning, I was in the midst of calling and visiting Ticketmaster in a attempt to get Radiohead tickets. Very sadly to say I failed and quite miserably at that. They sold out at about 10:10 (they went on sale at 10) and they were on Ebay shortly after that. At 10:15, a pair of tickets, which would normally and legally go for about $120 were being sold for $500-600 a pair. This really disgusts me because these scalpers bombarded the site and phone lines with requests, thus blocking my chances, as well as the chances of many others I am sure, of getting tickets at a normal price. I mean, who can really afford to pay $300 a ticket? Sure, Radiohead is one of those bands, in my estimation, that is worth a bit more time, money and effort to see, but still. It is incredible that, in the age of the internet, people are able to make that much money off of other people’s excitement and enthusiasm and love for a band. If they sold out and were no where to be found I wouldn’t feel as bad as I do now, perusing Ebay and other such sites that allow people to cheat others and capitalize on those who feel they have no choice.

With all that said, anyone have 2 tickets for me?


Well, happy belated National Day of Prayer.* I hope that you all, in keeping with our Conservative Christian “Separate from Church” government's sentiment, remembered to pray to that big guy in the sky. Because, after all, They will know whether or not you did. And in keeping with this attitude of nationalized practice of faith, please remember to celebrate National Dance Around Trees Naked Day, which I declare to be, oh I don’t know, June 14th. And National Goat Sacrifice Day, which will be observed on September 29th. ** So, remember to keep holy the holidays…after all, that’s what the government wants.

*Vomit vomit vomit.
**Since May 4th is an arbitrary day, I feel that I can choose any date for the other holidays.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

My Day Off

So, on the advice of a close friend, I visited a psychic yesterday at Earth Spirit in Red Bank. My friend recommended Joycelyn, who is a very nurturing older woman who really made me feel comfortable. She started out with a prayer, during which she held my hands. She prayed to all gods and spirits to protect and guide the both of us during the reading. She then proceeded to communicate with the spirits and souls around me, which would have normally been sort of strange, but I knew somehow that they were there. She communicated with my Mema and Poppy* and told me some things that were dead on, but mostly vague stuff. She then communicated with my friend Jim who passed away last July and continued to do so at different points in the reading. Again, I don't know how, but I knew he was with me. She was almost listening to what I couldn't hear, my translator of sorts. At first what she told me about him was rather vague, but then later in the reading she was able to focus on specific events and even the names of people that he was close with.
The majority of the time I was there was spent on Joycelyn reading my tarot cards. About me she found out: I am supposed to get married in three years**; that I should become a teacher because I like children so much; that aside from the three people around me I have the spirits of an owl, other birds, a horse and a few more animals; also, I have this fairy type deal, all in greens and golds, who hangs around me. Joycelyn also told me that in a past life I was a tribal leader, but more in the way of a Shaman or other healer, which I think is pretty cool.*** She also advised me that I should exercise**** and that I hold off spending money, especially when I purchase my car this summer.*****
I have heard that readings like the one I received from Joycelyn are very healing, which turned out to be true although I can't really understand why or how. For example, she told me that Jim is ok where he is right now and that I need to move on and let go of the grief that I have been carrying around with me. I have to admit that I feel a bit lighter and a bit less sad about Jim leaving us, even though I haven't resolved anything on the conscious level. Also, her telling me that he is a part of my grouping of souls and that I knew him in past lives makes me feel better, knowing that I might meet him again in the next life. Megs, I think that you were mentioned, because she asked me about a female with blonde hair and you are the only one with lighter hair. I don't think that she really went into who this blonde-haired mystery woman was, but I will have to listen to the tape to see exactly what she said.
All in all it was a very good experience. And, while Joycelyn did miss the mark, those times were few and she was able to talk about specific people and even about the tempraments of the people around me.****** I definitely recommend Joycelyn, but if you can't get up to Red Bank easily, I would recommend finding a legit psychic reader.

*Paternal grandparents.
**To almost prove her point, she reached into the pile of tarot cards spread out in front of me, face down, and pulled the Three of Cups and showed it to me. I was amused.
***Megs, I'll be the Shaman of our community when we disappear into the reaches of undeveloped US.
****Did my mother pay her extra to tell me that?
*****She didn't know about the car...I sort of helped her with that one because she thought that I would be signing a contract July/August, which is when I will be buying my next car.
******She said that Jim didn't like the new-agie music she was playing, which made me laugh because he was the biggest music snob, forever and always.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Tweedle Dumb?

Am I dumb? I mean, ever since I was about yay big people have been telling me that I am intelligent. I have taken IQ tests, was placed in a G&T* school for 4th through 6th grades, and have had miriads of people marvel** at my large brain. Why then, Oh Why, am I not only working as a bookkeeper for my 9-5, but also moon-lighting as the bookkeeper for the tattoo shop I go to, when I despise bookkeeping??
I hate all things related to bookkeeping:
  1. Money-necessary? Only because it was made so, therefore I hate it.
  2. Owing people and having to explain why certain bills have yet to be paid. This is partially due to the fact that I don't like having people mad at me or, gasp, disappointed in me.
  3. Calling people that owe us, because not only am I responsible for A/P's, I am responsible for A/R's*** There is nothing worse, well except for #2, than having to track down dead-beat accounts (especially when we keep doing work for said dead-beats).
  4. I am stuck behind a computer.

I mean, it even took my sister asking me why I would do the bookkeeping for the shop if I hate bookkeeping for me to even question my motives, if there are any at all. At least, if there were motives, then I wouldn't be keeping the books for the shop as a side gig just for the hell of it. Sure, I want to help out my tattooist, who does fabulous work and who cuts me a break, but at what cost? I won't be there that often, a few hours here and there, but I don't know why I am going to be their bookkeeper. I mean, I even asked her if she would like me to take over the task. I am getting paid, so it isn't a volunteer job, but I am certain that I am much dumber than I was led to believe, and I am a bit upset at this.

*Gifted and Talented, thank you very much.
**Ok, I might be exaggerating, but they have told me that I am smart.
***While I do hate bookkeeping, I am still jealous that people have jobs where they are in charge of only A/P's or A/R's and not both...and I almost want one of those jobs. Grass is always greener?

Monday, April 10, 2006

Check me out!

I have just started another blog and I want everyone to check it out, comment, participate. And, please tell everyone about it!! It is a poetry blog where each week I will give writing prompts and people will submit poems, which I will then post. It is called All My Little Poets. I hope to see everyone there!!

Friday, March 31, 2006

Warning: TMI to follow!!

For a little while now, it has been suggested to me, by various people who weren't trying to get a piece of me, that I should get a little Latin lovin. Well, I had my first Latin lovin experience last night, and I really hope that it wasn't what my advisors had in mind. He was this 21 year old kid who works in the local ABP and who caught my eye a little while ago. We started talking, or, rather, he started talking and I listened a bunch. He excitedly twittered on about Jim Morrison when he found out I had a similar love for him and he shared with me more than I would have expected someone would share with a stranger after knowing them less than an hour. I waited for him to get done cleaning and we went to his house.
His room is the basement of a house, which smells, well, like a basement, and the door has no knob*. There are CD's and books and guitars everywhere. We talked, about music and art, and he showed me a DVD of the Doors, and we drank Sleepy Time tea. He walked me to my car at what I thought was the end of the night, and then he proceeded to weasel his way into my car and back home with me**.
Ok, so, with all the details that proceeded aside, it turns out that he is a premature ejaculator. Who knew? The first time, he only lasted 30 seconds*** and the second time was about 2 minutes. I really did feel bad for him...really. He asked, after the first time, what I would do if the second time went the same as the first, and I replied, "Go to sleep?"
After the second time I asked him if this happens to him. "Sometimes." So, not for him but in general, is there anything that I can do to help if I encounter this problem again? This is new territory for me as most of the guys I have been with could go for hours, and it always helps to go into every situation prepared. A male friend of mine suggested different positions might help, but he wasn't all too sure himself. Female opinions, esp ones that are tried and true, are much appriciated.

*Hi, um, real safe. And, for real, who is paying the heating bill? No doorknob=hole to the outside=cold smelly basement dwelling.
**Well, at least I have a doorknob.
***And that is not an exaggeration


Tomorrow is my big ugly Psych GRE....please send me your good energies? I know it is a little far for the South Jersey/Philly folks, but start tonight and they should reach me by morning. Thanks!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Dear me...

A pretty large part of my current job involves being the bookkeeper. I basically harrass the people who owe us money, and get harrassed by those who we owe money to. Fun. Considering the fact that I hate being in debt, more than most people I believe, I despise being held responsible for a companies money matters. And, even though I can't sign checks,* if the broadband internet connection doesn't work because the internet peoples haven't received money, or if the AMEX bill wasn't paid, or if this or that vendor is looking for a check in order to release a pending shipment, I am the first to be blamed. This would be fine if I was able to sign the checks, or if I didn't keep up with my check writing duty. But, when vendors call looking for a check, it is usually already written, waiting for my boss to John Hancock it. Oh, and speaking of vendors, I am beginning to think that all the A/R departments of all the companies we deal with meet together and discuss how my company handles it's debts.**

"Oh, that Alison, she neglects her duties," says the Apollo Credit Dept lady.
"You think you are the only one?" quips the Bayard lady, "She hasn't paid some of her December invoices."
Everyone very audibly gasps. The Western Credit man grabs at his chest, as his Brooklynite mother is known to do.

And I want to burst into the meeting and plead my case. "No, I am not the bad person here, guys...I really want to get the checks to you on time, really I do. I understand you are just doing your jobs, and you need to understand that I am just trying to do mine."

I think that I need another job.

*I can only write, receive, deposit and disperse signature means nada.
**This fear is similar to the fear I have of using handicap bathroom stalls and how I always think that there will be a line of people that can only use the stall that I am using, waiting for my able-bodied ass to get done doing my business. I realize that it is outrageous and never going to happen, but, still, the fear lingers.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

And then I kissed him...

So, last night, I made the trek down to South Jersey to visit the boy that lives down there. I figured that since he has already made the trip up to see me twice that I should drive down there at least once. As soon as I got onto the Turnpike (I hadn't even passed exit 8A yet) I really regretted leaving my warm and cozy bed to venture out into unknown territory.* But, I still wasn't sure how I felt about him and was no closer to figuring out whether or not he was worth the effort of getting to know him over the distance, so I decided to man up** and make the best of the drive down.
The trip wasn't terrible, even though I made a few slightly wrong turns*** I made it to the bar only 15 mins later than expected. The bar he had me meet him at was slightly dive-esque, but not bad at all. The people were nice and there was even a waitress that went around to get orders from anyone just standing around. It was pretty loud in there, being that a cover band was playing (and we all know how SoJo feels about their cover bands) and we had to shout to each other over music, but we were able to carry on a decent coversation. At about 1, he asked if I wanted to leave, and since I was driving back up to New Brunswick, I figured that it was a good time to go. I was parked next to him, and after scaling the low wall to get to our cars, we hugged good-bye. While still embracing, I gave him the "You-had-better-kiss-me-or-I-will-have-your-balls-in-a-sling" look, and he did. It was soft and sweet. But, that wasn't enough**** so after our final good-byes, I stole one last kiss. I damn near knocked him over, which was evident by the fact that he had his hand out to brace himself against his car, and then he scuttled off to his car. I was still standing there, like a love-drunk pre-teen in an awful made for Disney Channel movie, as he quickly walked around his car, key in hand, and got into his car.

What happened? I mean, if I had it my way, we would have been steaming up the windows of his CTS, but, no, I show restraint and he still runs away from me. Maybe I am making the whole scuttling part up, maybe he just walked casually to his car, maybe he was cold. But, I really think that I scared him. All I did was steal one little kiss...I didn't grab/rub/touch/molest/squeeze anything on him. I feel like I should apologize for the deed. Jeez, back to the drawing board (?).

*And by Unknown I mean scary to a girl who isn't from South Jersey.
** Woman up?
***I swear, his directions were all wasn't me.

****Are you shocked and surprised? Nah.