Tuesday, December 27, 2005

`Have you guessed the riddle yet?' the Hatter said, turning to Alice again.

Well, it has happened again. I have allowed myself to be lured into the lair of a very willing and pliable male*. I went to the bar** last night, suspecting that he would be there. Shameful. He arrived soon after I had, much to my ill-gotten delight, and came over to me. The evening was fairly uneventful--except for the hoards of males that happened to be there and happened to find my sister and I more than worthy of their attention--and when my sister wanted to go home, I, like the foolish female I am, drove her the few blocks and then went right back to the bar.
At the close of the bar, this young man turned to me and asked, "Time to go home?" This is a weird question not because he has never asked me it before, but because it A) assumes that I not only want to go home with him, that I am able to go home with him, and B) sounds like the "home" we are going to is "ours." Both of these implications would be fine, if we were dating, but we aren't! And, again being a foolish female, I shake my head "yes," instead of sassily questioning the meaning, and off we go.
Now, at first glance, it seems that this young man wants me for something, and it isn't necessarily my intellect (although we do have some good conversations). But, for instance, at the bar last night, while I was talking to the hoards of guys that seemed to all land at once, the young man would stare to catch my glance and smile, or, when sitting next to me, would rub my back or poke me--which, clearly, is just this side of peeing on me. Also, one time when were settling into bed--ahem, to sleep, not "sleep" but for real sleep, snoring and REM included--he mumbled something, but when I asked him to repeat it, he said, "Nothing, it's just good to be with you."
So, I don't know. And, being the chicken poop that I am, I haven't asked what is going on. I actually like where we are, if we are somewhere, but I would like to be able to define what we are, and I would like to know what he thinks of me. Just being nosy, I guess. I by no means need a relationship at this point in my life, so I don't want him to think that, nor do I want to scare him off by having him think that I want to make what we have more. Ok, well, maybe I would like more of a something with him, but nothing serious, just someone to do things with on occasion. More of a benefit with whom I am friends, than the other way around. Oh, and his roommate, after meeting her for the first time and talking with her for a while (she is a Douglass grad), turned to me and said, "I'm sure I'll see you again," before she went to bed. Sarcasm? Hope for her roommate that I will be around again? Or was she really saying, "I know I will see you again...he always brings his girls over more than once." Am I obsessed? Yes, I probably am, but more out of boredom than anything. It could be anyone and I would be obsessing the same way.

*He who shall remain nameless.
**A recent haunt of mine, which shall also remain nameless.

Friday, December 23, 2005

`Who are you?' said the Caterpillar.

Ok, I was going to write about something else, but that something else can wait. Christine's quiz is way cooler. Way cooler. Here goes nothing! (This is going to be hard since I can't really limit anything to just two answers...for an example, look at Christine's answer for countries she wants to visit.)

2 Names I go by:

1. Al
2. Al-coholic-crack-granny

2 parts of my heritage:

1. American (I really am, since I don't really adhere to any of ancestral customs)
2. Euro-mutt

2 things that scare me: (since there are many, I am going to pick the two that are on my mind of late)

1. being alone- no, like truly truly alone
2. being pregnant- not a fear that I may be, I know that I am not, but having a thing growing inside me freaks me out.

2 of my everyday essentials:

1. mascara
2. my bracelet

2 things that I am wearing right now:

1. my flower ring- which is almost an essential, but I can't wear it to Sbux, so it can't
2. a sexy sexy bra from sexy sexy Target

2 of my favorite bands or musical artists (at the moment):

1. The Arcade Fire
2. Badly Drawn Boy

2 of my favorite songs (at the moment):

1. Neighborhood #1 (Lights Out) by The Arcade Fire
2. Headlights look like Diamonds by (can you guess??)

2 things that I want in a relationship (other than real love):

1. humor
2. understanding

2 truths:

1. life really does fly by faster as we get older.
2. I really am crazy. I just figured this out for myself only a little while ago. Kinda concerns me.

2 physical things that appeal to me (in the opposite sex) (aside from a generous winky):

1. nice arms
2. eyes that smile

2 of my favorite hobbies:

1. reading
2. watching X-Files (I never claimed to be cool)

2 things I want really badly:

1. financial security, as well.
2. to find my robin

2 places I want to go on vacation:

1. India
2. Italy

2 things I want to do before I die:

1. have financial security
2. find my robin

2 ways that I am stereotypically a chick:

1. I can hardly ever make up my mind. And when I have made it, I usually change it.
2. I love make-up.

2 ways that I am stereotypically not a chick:

1. I burp in public (which I am not proud of, it just sort of slips out)
2. I love slingin paint -mixin, pourin, boxin it up

2 things that I am thinking about now (damn, just 2?):

1. I am wondering if this guy is going to IM me today.
2. Will I still be able to buy X-Mas wrapping paper or will I have to resort to newspaper and garbage bags?

2 stores I shop at:

1. give me a T! T! give me an A! A! give me an R! R! give me a G-E-T! G-E-T!! Woooo!!
2. Wegmans

2 people I would like to see take this quiz:

1. someone that I know well and love.
2. some random blogger.

Now, I want you all to have a wonderful Holiday Weekend,

(sing with me) "And a Happy New Year!!"

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Only one month to go...

So, in a month i will be 2?. For whatever reason this birthday frightens me. Not really because it is old, but because the time has flown so quickly that it is hard believe how old I am turning. Since I am scared to turn 2?, I must throw a party/gathering for myself (unless someone wants to do it for me??*). Here are a few ideas I have had, and any possible problems that each idea poses:
  • New Brunswick restaurant and bars: it would be good to get everyone together in the city that started it all, but I don't know where everyone would stay over. It is possible that my cranky roommate will be gone by then, but I would have to wait to see.
  • Philly restaurant and bars: You SoJo/Philly girls would have to see what could happen with that since I really don't know the area. Again, the problem of where to stay the night.
  • Medieval Times: Ok, don't laugh, but since this place was recommended as a possible bachelorette party site I have had a hankering to go. I never went when everyone else goes, in 6th grade or so, and I feel left out. We could do NB bars after.
  • NYC: Since it is so expensive in the city at night, we could all wander in for a day thing. Maybe a show or a museum. Plus, Chinatown and a bit of light shopping. This would be tough if we had a large group, but we could make it happen. And, again, we could go to NB bars after.
  • ? : You guys let me know what you would want to do.
I would want to have my b-day celebration either on Jan 20th or 21st, depending on what we do and who is free when. Please let me know what you think!

*The only surprise party was for my 16th. It was thrown by my parents and only included 2 or 3 friends. All I can really remember was opening the door and seeing my grandmother sitting on the couch with a birthday hat on. It was really pathetic. A nice gesture, but pathetic.

Monday, December 12, 2005

The Looking-Glass World...

That is New Brunswick.

Sometimes I forget where I live and how strange it can be. This morning, on my way to work, at 9:39 am, on Rt. 27 South, I saw....Lydia. Shouldn't she be gone? I know the same could be said for me, but she was walking and wearing a bookbag...usually, at least in this area and at that time of day, this is indicative of a student. She makes my blood boil cold. When I do have these sightings, I am half certain that she knows where I am going to be and purposely places herself within my field of sight. AND, she looks exactly the same!! So eerie.

Side note: I found out that New Brunswick is also known as the Devil's Playground.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I heart The Arcade Fire

There is this little band from the land to our north named The Arcade Fire. They hold a very special place in my heart, for these reasons:

1) They are one of the few bands that is able to weave mind and soul, with a touch of quirkiness, into each and every one of their songs.
2) They are successful at achieving a "wall of sound" without seeming too grandiose or pretentious.
3) Neither of the singers can sing, but that matters not a stitch.
4) The Arcade Fire is one of the reasons why a dear friend of mine and I started to get to know each other.*
5) And, at the risk of sounding melodramatic, they have added a new meaning and texture to my life and the way that I view the world.

For these reasons, as well as others that I am not able to fully put into words, they have touched me. Also, I am very protective of them. I do want them to do well, but I am almost horror stricken at the idea that The Arcade Fire will become so big that they will be left at the mercy of the public of this mercilous country. The reason why I am so horrorified is because I was recently watching a Tivo'ed episode of The Gilmore Girls, in which Rory turns to Lorelai and askes if her mom would like her to copy The Arcade Fire into Lorelai's computer. Now, I am aware that I should be happy that they are getting exposure, but it is like having a favorite, out of the way bar suddenly unindated with college kids. True, they are going to make more money, which they deserve, but at what cost? Will we see them on TRL? Is "Neighborhood #3 (Lights Out)" going to be the latest ring-tone? Are high school seniors going to be swaying to "Crown of Love" at their proms? Ok, this is the end of my rant...and I hope that in ranting I have not done anymore damage (even though you really should check them out...but don't tell anyone else). End Scene.

*Jim Deal September 23, 1986- July 26, 2005

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Down the Rabbit Hole

This is my first blog ever. So, welcome. I hope that you find it cozy and comfortable here, like a dusty attic filled with a life's worth of odds and ends. I, personally, am not terribly interesting, but I do have strange encounters with rather interesting individuals and have gone, and will go, on adventures. No, not Mt. Fiji climbing kind of adventures, I mean getting lost in Newark two nights before Christmas kind of adventures. (Which really happened to me. My friends in the car with me got to see their first prostitutes walking the frosty streets.) I do not want to spend this time explaining who I am and what I am about, but you will get the sense of that from the forth coming posts. So, follow me as I go through the Looking Glass world that is life, and be careful, the last step is a doozy.