Friday, January 27, 2006

So, with a long singlehood in sight, these are the steps I am taking or will be taking in order to enjoy my freedom:

1. Learn to cook for just one person. - I have done pretty well with this one.

2. Do things on my own:
  • movies -saw my first movie by myself the other night, though it was an easy one to see by myself. It was a documentary of the Coachella Music Festival, so the audience was comprised of Indy kids who just wanted to see a smattering of great bands and performers. In other words, a whole bunch of people like me.
  • dinner at a restaurant that doesn't include a dollar menu- kind of intimidating since I am the one that feels bad for the "table-for-ones". I know that they most likely want to be alone, but I always want to ask them to join me.
  • trip into NYC- this one scares me the most. Very large city, very many people who are new and strange to me. Very lonely?
  • vacation- now, not on a singles cruise, because that's depressing. I want to take on Europe!!

3. Get a pet. -I really hope that I wind up with a dog. Dogs seem to be better companions and have a better connotation than cats. Single gals with cats, well, have you ever seen the episode of The Simpsons where Lisa and Bart are news anchors? Bart interviews his "special people" and wins the esteem that Lisa feels she deserves. Lisa, in an attempt to top the brother she has always topped, begins to do her own human interest pieces, which includes a piece on hobos who ride the rails, and a story on a crazy cat lady. While Lisa is standing in front on this woman's house, speaking about her life, the crazy cat lady comes out of her house, hair resembling Marla's on a bad day, speaking in tongues, throwing her cats at Lisa. I do not want to be that woman.

4. Spend time with my sister. - Yes, well, I almost see too much of her. Never fear, we will never become those sisters who move in together and share a bedroom, each in her own twin sized bed, and who eventually look like the same person. She would never let it happen.

5. Join a group of people who share a common interest. - I will be, hopefully, starting a book club soon, so I am refering to other groups, i.e.: birding clubs, bowling leagues, weekly trips to the K-Mart to get my senior discount.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Off with his Head!!

So, since the middle of December or so, I have been talking to this boy. I "met" said boy after I posted an add on Craigs List. Now, when I post on CL, it is out of either boredom, sheer frustration with the lack of choice of boys in my area, or lonliness/a need for some sort of social interaction that doesn't involve discussing matters with my 40 something year old male customers at Starbucks or avoiding the elevator eyes of the contractors that come into my flooring store. I think that when I posted my last add I was in the midst of all of those needs and emotions, because I seem to have clung to this boy, or rather the idea of him.

Forward to about 2 or 3 weeks ago: we start to break the wall put up for us by this Information Age and begin to text and call each other. Again, slightly hungry for interaction with different people, not just from guys, but, well, mostly from guys, I start to actually think that I should come face to face with him. Ok, this may not seem like a big deal, but I talk to guys online all the time, "meeting" them mostly through CL. But I hardly ever want to meet any of them. The whole idea freaks me out and I want little to do with it.

But, this boy hints at meeting and off handedly mentions, from time to time, how I should be there with him. So, I take this to mean that he would want to meet up at some point, but that he really isn't going to push it (he knows about my internet boy phobia).

Last Saturday I text him asking him what he is doing, and it turns out he doesn't have plans. He asks me what I am doing, which, of course, was nothing, so he, ever so non-challantly, ever so coolly, mentions that I should go down to visit him. I said that I would and that I would talk to him later that evening to finallize.

At 6:30 he asks me if I am ready to go down to see him, which, led me to think (and I could be completely dilusional in this) that he wanted to see me and was looking forward to our meeting. I couldn't, but when I called him on the way home from babysitting, we spoke for about 45 mins, then I got ready.

I told him that I would call him en route (it takes about 45 mins to get down to him), so when I picked up the phone about halfway to him, I was surprised to see a text from him that he had to take his dog to the vet and that he was sorry. Ok, fine, he had an emergency. But, he didn't call/text me after that until I texted him later that night wondering if everything was ok. When I spoke with him that night, he didn't seem at all disappointed that he had to break our "date," nor did he suggest how he could make it up to me or anything. I mean, he could have even just suggested that we get together at another time. I was expecting an apology, but, damn. Throw me a bone.

This whole vet excuse seemed to be just that, an excuse. It bothered me, and still does, so I texted him yesterday asking him if he changed his mind last minute. He hasn't responded.

If he was soooo into getting together, why the shadiness? Or, was there any true intention to meet at all? It just sucks, is all. I wonder if he is going to call me...but I am not holding my breath.

Friday, January 13, 2006

An Intervention In Blog Form

Megan, I approach you as a concerned friend.

I am fearful that you will soon engage in activities that will not only endanger your life, but the lives of others. In the past few days you have mentioned the intention to "join forces" to "combat evil." The first reference that caught my attention was in response to Christine's mortgage boyfriend, Ross, leaving her. Now, it might just be me, but I am fearful for his life, and any of the new people in his mortgage relationships. Meg, those "others" are innocents.

The second reference was made in response to my last blog. This instance is what prompted me to blog this intervention. While your instinct to protect our friend warranted action, perhaps not a visit from the Douglass Mafia, but some sort of retrobution, this last call to action was alarming because it was a general sort of idea. No one else was hurt or endangered, you just wanted us to combine our powers to fight evil.

Now, promise me, in front of our friends and fellow bloggers, that you will not do anything rash. I do not want to read on the front page of any newspaper, "Megan Fisher: Superhero by Night." Nor do I want to hear of any doings with the Mafia. I'll be watching.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Royally Miffed...

Ok, so, Meg even has new blogs up. So, I think to myself, I should blog. It has been about a week and a half since my last one, and it is about time. But I have nothing to talk about. (Hence the anger refered to in the title.) My life is unworthy of blogs. I guess you could respond with, "My blog really isn't about anything, so yours doesn't have to be either." But, my life has slipped (or, rather, fallen quite hard on its ass) into a slump, so my life all blurs into one continuous stream of work, sleep and X-Files. So, I will talk about those three things.
Work At work I really have been trying to avoid actually doing work. I play Chuzzle, which I actually own, sadly, and I seem to have a game paused at all times. I don't actually like it, although it is very much an obsession (a la Snood of 99). I also spend time talking to the Internet Boy and eating, although Charlie swears all I do is eat. He may be right.
And, a new sector of society is apparently drawn to me: painters. No, not VanGogh/Monet painters, house painters. Ok, "new sector of society" really means 2, but still.* But, if you think about it, I wouldn't have these would be suitors around me if I worked somewhere else.
And, if I don't have painters giving me elevator eyes, I have them talking down to me because they think that because I don't have a penis I can't mix paint. Hello, last time I checked, interior design was a job that was deemed worthy of women and gay men. Now, it is a man's job to mix the pretty little pigments into the big bad gallon of paint??
Sleep Besides the fact that I love it, I am not the best sleeper (which is probably why I recognize it's value). I fall asleep...wake up...fall asleep...wake up.... And, I also sleep moan and toss and turn. Real joy for whoever is "lucky" enough to find himself in my bed. Last night was no different, except for this really disturbing dream that I had about my sister. She was in the bathroom (which is a guess because I don't remember too clearly), in her undies and a tank, shaving with an old disposable razor. And, there was blood everywhere. I was really concerned that she was hurting herself, but she wasn't bothered by it. In fact, she seemed irritated that I kept asking if she was ok. Now, Freud, put that in your pipe and smoke it.
X-Files Sad but true, a fairly large part of my life. Mike L. and I started watching the first season while living togther in Highland Park. Jay joined us during the second season, and I currently go over to Mike and Jay's one to three times a week to watch X-Files episodes. We are in the middle of the forth season right now. Mike usually prepares dessert and I bring over coffee every other night or so. This is one part of my life that I would really miss if I were to move away.

So, that is my life. Well, right now, at least.

*Jess, always and forever I have had painters knocking at my door.