Friday, January 27, 2006

So, with a long singlehood in sight, these are the steps I am taking or will be taking in order to enjoy my freedom:

1. Learn to cook for just one person. - I have done pretty well with this one.

2. Do things on my own:
  • movies -saw my first movie by myself the other night, though it was an easy one to see by myself. It was a documentary of the Coachella Music Festival, so the audience was comprised of Indy kids who just wanted to see a smattering of great bands and performers. In other words, a whole bunch of people like me.
  • dinner at a restaurant that doesn't include a dollar menu- kind of intimidating since I am the one that feels bad for the "table-for-ones". I know that they most likely want to be alone, but I always want to ask them to join me.
  • trip into NYC- this one scares me the most. Very large city, very many people who are new and strange to me. Very lonely?
  • vacation- now, not on a singles cruise, because that's depressing. I want to take on Europe!!

3. Get a pet. -I really hope that I wind up with a dog. Dogs seem to be better companions and have a better connotation than cats. Single gals with cats, well, have you ever seen the episode of The Simpsons where Lisa and Bart are news anchors? Bart interviews his "special people" and wins the esteem that Lisa feels she deserves. Lisa, in an attempt to top the brother she has always topped, begins to do her own human interest pieces, which includes a piece on hobos who ride the rails, and a story on a crazy cat lady. While Lisa is standing in front on this woman's house, speaking about her life, the crazy cat lady comes out of her house, hair resembling Marla's on a bad day, speaking in tongues, throwing her cats at Lisa. I do not want to be that woman.

4. Spend time with my sister. - Yes, well, I almost see too much of her. Never fear, we will never become those sisters who move in together and share a bedroom, each in her own twin sized bed, and who eventually look like the same person. She would never let it happen.

5. Join a group of people who share a common interest. - I will be, hopefully, starting a book club soon, so I am refering to other groups, i.e.: birding clubs, bowling leagues, weekly trips to the K-Mart to get my senior discount.


At 3:35 PM, Blogger Christine said...

So you know, my FAVORITE NYC trips (other than the ones with you and the girls) are the ones I have taken by myself. going to a museum without worrying if the other person is into a painting or ready to move on. the shopping, the people watching, It's a great way to go.


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