Monday, February 13, 2006

Alison's Snow Wonderland

Part Un

Last Saturday night, as I was watching Never Been Kissed on TBS or TNT or whatever, I was going a little stir crazy. I wanted to go out, but I didn't want to find something to do nor find something to do whatever with. So, when the Internet Boy, who I was texting and then talking to, suggested meeting him at a bar in Long Branch, I practically jumped at the idea. Strangely enough, though, I wasn't really nervous, it being the first time that we met, and I was really determined to drive all the way down there in blizzard like conditions.
I get there, after an hour and a half drive*, I get to the bar, meet the boy and instantly notice the bartender. Now, I wasn't looking for someone else, even though I wasn't completely taken with the Internet Boy, but I watched this bartender the whole night, or so he later told me. This bartender, who we will call "Mike", came with Internet Boy and I to another friend's house, where the 3 of us were staying the night.** When Internet Boy told me that he was going up stairs and asked me to join him, I told him that I was going to sleep on the couch.
Mike and I start to talk, after he went upstairs, about everything: from whether or not God exists to our diets...and then we made out. He and I stayed up the whole night, talking, kissing, messing around, and it was really exciting. Usually it is nice to get some action, but just nice. He is a very exciting person. Alive. And he can read me perfectly, which is scary yet strangely comforting. We left the house we were staying at at about 8:30 Sunday morning. We rode all around town, got lost, found our way, then got lost again. He even humored me and ran on the beach and allowed me to take pictures of the tumultuous sea, even though it felt as if it was below o.
Later that day we went to the bar, played pool, kissed when no one was watching*** He called me his girl when he was introducing me to his bar buddies, and I didn't correct him. Internet Boy joined us later, and, knowing that Mike and I had made out, it was strange to see him.**** Internet Boy kept asking me if I was every 5 minutes. I just told him that I was tired.
Drunkenly, Mike asked me to marry him. This wasn't totally unexpected since we had been talking about marriage in a round about way the whole night, as in I jokingly telling him that I could no longer marry him, or him telling me that we were getting a divorce after a debate on some moral issue. But, still, he looked me dead in the eyes and asked me. So scary, mostly because my answer wasn't "no", it was "Let's discuss this when you are sober." And, later, when I asked him if he remembered proposing to me, he asked "So, are we getting married?"
He walked me to my car before I left, and I, which I never do, made sure that we each had the other's number in our phones. I even used his phone to call mine, just in case. I never ever care enough to do that. And, even if he said that he was going to call me, I still was going to call him.*****
So, I have no idea what is going to happen. But, if nothing happens between Mike and I, I at least have a renewed hope that there is a reason to stop looking and wait for that one.

Due to the snowy conditions. No, I would not drive that far for a boy that I didn't know.
** I planned stayed the night because of the weather conditions...really.
***Being that there were all of 3 people there, it wasn't too hard.
****Mike told him...he had to due to the, um, mark I left behind on his neck. Yes, I know, I'm not 14.
*****I am calling him later.


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