Monday, February 13, 2006

Part Deux

Since I had a crazy night/day, and since Nicole was working, I decided to go to Starbucks before going home, on my way up from Long Branch. On my way back, I sort of slid clear across Rt 18--luckily the road was pretty empty and no one was in my way. I spun* around and, thankfully, hit a large amount of soft snow, which cushioned my car against the barrier that eventually stopped me. I had to wait an hour, in the back of a police SUV so that I could stay warm without suffocating, for a tow truck to yank me out of the snow pile. But, my Ruby sustained minimal damage and I was able to drive away.
When I got back to New Brunswick, I drove around a bit and only found one space that wasn't completely covered in snow, and, well, would not cause me to either get a ticket or get towed. The one problem was that I wasn't able to back into it, even though some of the snow had been removed by the person who had the spot last. A wonderful boy, "Frankie", came over to help push my car in, even digging out snow with his bare hands when he couldn't get a hold of a shovel. After digging and pushing, he was able to get my car into the last space in New Brunswick.
During our short conversation, I found out that he was 21, that he also lives in New Brunswick, and that he lives in a shelter near where I live. He was on his way home, late I must add, when he saw that I needed help.** I gave him some money, but he said that he would prefer my number, so I gave him both. :) I need more friends around me, and he would be a nice coffee or movie companion.
All in all, not a shabby weekend. It seems like I was in the right place at the right time for these two people to come into my life. Almost as if I was supposed to meet them.

*Spun, spinned?
**He was even running so that he could make curfew, but took the time to help me.


At 12:48 PM, Blogger Christine said...

Whoooaa-hooo! that is maybe the most excellent snow day ever, minus the damage to your car (I hope it won't be too expensive!). And you keep us all updated on Frankie and Mike. And don't get married until at least a year and a half from now, when I will have an actual job, and therefore can afford to buy you fabulous and naughty toys. ;)

At 3:01 PM, Blogger Meg said...

Where do I begin? I guess Christine said it best with, "Whoooaa-hooo! that is maybe the most excellent snow day ever." I look forward to more details of your excursions on our cockluck shopping event. :o)

At 3:06 PM, Blogger chris said...

was he cute?? lol

At 5:04 PM, Blogger Alison Wonderland said...

He actually looks like the guy from Wings who was also in The Shining remake. But, shorter (exactly my height, not that I know how tall that actor is) and with nicer eyes. (I can show you a pic on Sat.) And, Chris, I don't plan on marrying anyone anytime soon...but feel free to buy me toys anyway!


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