Thursday, March 16, 2006

And then I kissed him...

So, last night, I made the trek down to South Jersey to visit the boy that lives down there. I figured that since he has already made the trip up to see me twice that I should drive down there at least once. As soon as I got onto the Turnpike (I hadn't even passed exit 8A yet) I really regretted leaving my warm and cozy bed to venture out into unknown territory.* But, I still wasn't sure how I felt about him and was no closer to figuring out whether or not he was worth the effort of getting to know him over the distance, so I decided to man up** and make the best of the drive down.
The trip wasn't terrible, even though I made a few slightly wrong turns*** I made it to the bar only 15 mins later than expected. The bar he had me meet him at was slightly dive-esque, but not bad at all. The people were nice and there was even a waitress that went around to get orders from anyone just standing around. It was pretty loud in there, being that a cover band was playing (and we all know how SoJo feels about their cover bands) and we had to shout to each other over music, but we were able to carry on a decent coversation. At about 1, he asked if I wanted to leave, and since I was driving back up to New Brunswick, I figured that it was a good time to go. I was parked next to him, and after scaling the low wall to get to our cars, we hugged good-bye. While still embracing, I gave him the "You-had-better-kiss-me-or-I-will-have-your-balls-in-a-sling" look, and he did. It was soft and sweet. But, that wasn't enough**** so after our final good-byes, I stole one last kiss. I damn near knocked him over, which was evident by the fact that he had his hand out to brace himself against his car, and then he scuttled off to his car. I was still standing there, like a love-drunk pre-teen in an awful made for Disney Channel movie, as he quickly walked around his car, key in hand, and got into his car.

What happened? I mean, if I had it my way, we would have been steaming up the windows of his CTS, but, no, I show restraint and he still runs away from me. Maybe I am making the whole scuttling part up, maybe he just walked casually to his car, maybe he was cold. But, I really think that I scared him. All I did was steal one little kiss...I didn't grab/rub/touch/molest/squeeze anything on him. I feel like I should apologize for the deed. Jeez, back to the drawing board (?).

*And by Unknown I mean scary to a girl who isn't from South Jersey.
** Woman up?
***I swear, his directions were all wasn't me.

****Are you shocked and surprised? Nah.


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