Friday, March 17, 2006

Dear me...

A pretty large part of my current job involves being the bookkeeper. I basically harrass the people who owe us money, and get harrassed by those who we owe money to. Fun. Considering the fact that I hate being in debt, more than most people I believe, I despise being held responsible for a companies money matters. And, even though I can't sign checks,* if the broadband internet connection doesn't work because the internet peoples haven't received money, or if the AMEX bill wasn't paid, or if this or that vendor is looking for a check in order to release a pending shipment, I am the first to be blamed. This would be fine if I was able to sign the checks, or if I didn't keep up with my check writing duty. But, when vendors call looking for a check, it is usually already written, waiting for my boss to John Hancock it. Oh, and speaking of vendors, I am beginning to think that all the A/R departments of all the companies we deal with meet together and discuss how my company handles it's debts.**

"Oh, that Alison, she neglects her duties," says the Apollo Credit Dept lady.
"You think you are the only one?" quips the Bayard lady, "She hasn't paid some of her December invoices."
Everyone very audibly gasps. The Western Credit man grabs at his chest, as his Brooklynite mother is known to do.

And I want to burst into the meeting and plead my case. "No, I am not the bad person here, guys...I really want to get the checks to you on time, really I do. I understand you are just doing your jobs, and you need to understand that I am just trying to do mine."

I think that I need another job.

*I can only write, receive, deposit and disperse signature means nada.
**This fear is similar to the fear I have of using handicap bathroom stalls and how I always think that there will be a line of people that can only use the stall that I am using, waiting for my able-bodied ass to get done doing my business. I realize that it is outrageous and never going to happen, but, still, the fear lingers.


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