Friday, March 31, 2006

Warning: TMI to follow!!

For a little while now, it has been suggested to me, by various people who weren't trying to get a piece of me, that I should get a little Latin lovin. Well, I had my first Latin lovin experience last night, and I really hope that it wasn't what my advisors had in mind. He was this 21 year old kid who works in the local ABP and who caught my eye a little while ago. We started talking, or, rather, he started talking and I listened a bunch. He excitedly twittered on about Jim Morrison when he found out I had a similar love for him and he shared with me more than I would have expected someone would share with a stranger after knowing them less than an hour. I waited for him to get done cleaning and we went to his house.
His room is the basement of a house, which smells, well, like a basement, and the door has no knob*. There are CD's and books and guitars everywhere. We talked, about music and art, and he showed me a DVD of the Doors, and we drank Sleepy Time tea. He walked me to my car at what I thought was the end of the night, and then he proceeded to weasel his way into my car and back home with me**.
Ok, so, with all the details that proceeded aside, it turns out that he is a premature ejaculator. Who knew? The first time, he only lasted 30 seconds*** and the second time was about 2 minutes. I really did feel bad for him...really. He asked, after the first time, what I would do if the second time went the same as the first, and I replied, "Go to sleep?"
After the second time I asked him if this happens to him. "Sometimes." So, not for him but in general, is there anything that I can do to help if I encounter this problem again? This is new territory for me as most of the guys I have been with could go for hours, and it always helps to go into every situation prepared. A male friend of mine suggested different positions might help, but he wasn't all too sure himself. Female opinions, esp ones that are tried and true, are much appriciated.

*Hi, um, real safe. And, for real, who is paying the heating bill? No doorknob=hole to the outside=cold smelly basement dwelling.
**Well, at least I have a doorknob.
***And that is not an exaggeration


Tomorrow is my big ugly Psych GRE....please send me your good energies? I know it is a little far for the South Jersey/Philly folks, but start tonight and they should reach me by morning. Thanks!


At 6:51 PM, Blogger Jessica said...

I have only had one such experience and it involved a certain New Year's Eve... My only advice is to do what I did: ask, "Um, can you at least warn me next time before cumming in my hair?"

At 10:22 AM, Blogger Meg said...

Hmmm... I'm afraid there's not too much you can do... short of buying him a book on Tantra.

I know this is late... but, Good luck and I'm sure you rocked it!

At 11:30 AM, Blogger Alison Wonderland said...

Um, Jess, it wasn't near my hair and it was well-contained...but, um, thanks?

And, I think that I did alright on my GRE's...but I am still hoping that everyone else did poorly so that my score is even higher. Thanks for the good vibes!

At 2:07 PM, Blogger Christine said...

For positions, and TMI...someone I know, is uber fast from we had to go a different route til all are happy (ie -Me) and then if such a position is desired, it's his happy ending...So um...perhaps not so helpful, your latin lover would need to figure out if it's a position thing.


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