Thursday, April 20, 2006

My Day Off

So, on the advice of a close friend, I visited a psychic yesterday at Earth Spirit in Red Bank. My friend recommended Joycelyn, who is a very nurturing older woman who really made me feel comfortable. She started out with a prayer, during which she held my hands. She prayed to all gods and spirits to protect and guide the both of us during the reading. She then proceeded to communicate with the spirits and souls around me, which would have normally been sort of strange, but I knew somehow that they were there. She communicated with my Mema and Poppy* and told me some things that were dead on, but mostly vague stuff. She then communicated with my friend Jim who passed away last July and continued to do so at different points in the reading. Again, I don't know how, but I knew he was with me. She was almost listening to what I couldn't hear, my translator of sorts. At first what she told me about him was rather vague, but then later in the reading she was able to focus on specific events and even the names of people that he was close with.
The majority of the time I was there was spent on Joycelyn reading my tarot cards. About me she found out: I am supposed to get married in three years**; that I should become a teacher because I like children so much; that aside from the three people around me I have the spirits of an owl, other birds, a horse and a few more animals; also, I have this fairy type deal, all in greens and golds, who hangs around me. Joycelyn also told me that in a past life I was a tribal leader, but more in the way of a Shaman or other healer, which I think is pretty cool.*** She also advised me that I should exercise**** and that I hold off spending money, especially when I purchase my car this summer.*****
I have heard that readings like the one I received from Joycelyn are very healing, which turned out to be true although I can't really understand why or how. For example, she told me that Jim is ok where he is right now and that I need to move on and let go of the grief that I have been carrying around with me. I have to admit that I feel a bit lighter and a bit less sad about Jim leaving us, even though I haven't resolved anything on the conscious level. Also, her telling me that he is a part of my grouping of souls and that I knew him in past lives makes me feel better, knowing that I might meet him again in the next life. Megs, I think that you were mentioned, because she asked me about a female with blonde hair and you are the only one with lighter hair. I don't think that she really went into who this blonde-haired mystery woman was, but I will have to listen to the tape to see exactly what she said.
All in all it was a very good experience. And, while Joycelyn did miss the mark, those times were few and she was able to talk about specific people and even about the tempraments of the people around me.****** I definitely recommend Joycelyn, but if you can't get up to Red Bank easily, I would recommend finding a legit psychic reader.

*Paternal grandparents.
**To almost prove her point, she reached into the pile of tarot cards spread out in front of me, face down, and pulled the Three of Cups and showed it to me. I was amused.
***Megs, I'll be the Shaman of our community when we disappear into the reaches of undeveloped US.
****Did my mother pay her extra to tell me that?
*****She didn't know about the car...I sort of helped her with that one because she thought that I would be signing a contract July/August, which is when I will be buying my next car.
******She said that Jim didn't like the new-agie music she was playing, which made me laugh because he was the biggest music snob, forever and always.


At 10:22 AM, Blogger Meg said...

Deep.I will now picture you surrounded by a posse of animals and a fairy. And of course she mentioned me. We are going to found the best place live in the US together... not to mention the alphabet zoo.

I'm glad you had such a good experience... I can't wait to hear more about it!

At 6:00 PM, Blogger Alison Wonderland said...

It was a cool experience--maybe you will like to listen to the tape sometime? I think that you would get a better impression of everything if you listen to her explain it. And, yes, I once was a healer and Joycelyn said I should be a teacher, so I will do my part in our society.


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