Friday, May 05, 2006

Today...and Yesterday

So, at 9:55 am this morning, I was in the midst of calling and visiting Ticketmaster in a attempt to get Radiohead tickets. Very sadly to say I failed and quite miserably at that. They sold out at about 10:10 (they went on sale at 10) and they were on Ebay shortly after that. At 10:15, a pair of tickets, which would normally and legally go for about $120 were being sold for $500-600 a pair. This really disgusts me because these scalpers bombarded the site and phone lines with requests, thus blocking my chances, as well as the chances of many others I am sure, of getting tickets at a normal price. I mean, who can really afford to pay $300 a ticket? Sure, Radiohead is one of those bands, in my estimation, that is worth a bit more time, money and effort to see, but still. It is incredible that, in the age of the internet, people are able to make that much money off of other people’s excitement and enthusiasm and love for a band. If they sold out and were no where to be found I wouldn’t feel as bad as I do now, perusing Ebay and other such sites that allow people to cheat others and capitalize on those who feel they have no choice.

With all that said, anyone have 2 tickets for me?


Well, happy belated National Day of Prayer.* I hope that you all, in keeping with our Conservative Christian “Separate from Church” government's sentiment, remembered to pray to that big guy in the sky. Because, after all, They will know whether or not you did. And in keeping with this attitude of nationalized practice of faith, please remember to celebrate National Dance Around Trees Naked Day, which I declare to be, oh I don’t know, June 14th. And National Goat Sacrifice Day, which will be observed on September 29th. ** So, remember to keep holy the holidays…after all, that’s what the government wants.

*Vomit vomit vomit.
**Since May 4th is an arbitrary day, I feel that I can choose any date for the other holidays.